The Board of SENDiWSA approved the call for the appointment of National Focal Points across Africa, to project the vision and mission of the initiative for growth, development and sustainable execution of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The focus on collaboration and partnership must be deepened to achieve capacity building and knowledge sharing for a united continent.

The Stakeholder Engagement Digital Webinar Series for Africa (SENDiWSA), is a not-for-profits, multipurpose media-led platform for deliberation and sharing of all ICT-Related Goods, Services, Best Practices, and the pillars of Digital Transformation across Africa.

Our objective is to showcase products and services within and by Africans to address all digital-related issues across sectors and industries towards reducing poverty and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), as a non-commissioned, non-profit platform in Africa.

SENDiWSA is an initiative of DNS Africa Media and Communications.

To channel our innovations to creative solutions, encourage entrepreneurship sharing and transfer in Africa, and presenting deliberate solutions to drive digital transformation.


  1. Increase Africa’s cooperation and competition (co-ompetition) to sustain an effective and deliberate economic growth and development.
  2. Create, promote and strengthening cooperation among corporate bodies, institutions of learning, research organizations, media organizations, governments, and non-profits.

Qualified candidate are to visit the official application website to fill our online form.

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