C4Urselves is a digital social enterprise and online community that’s exclusively dedicated to sharing authentic experiences of the world.

We want to make it easy for anyone to share what it’s really like to experience the world through their eyes, through short video recordings of their surroundings – and for them to experience someone else’s.

No ads, no commentary, no special effects – just sights and sounds.

It’s all totally free and easy to use – and unlike most other online platforms and websites, we’re not going to track you, or try to sell you anything.

Our watchwords are authenticity, and empowerment.

There is no website or platform which is entirely dedicated to authentic, user-generated videos of what it’s really like to be in a particular place.

This has many advantages:

  • C4Urselves brings the world to everyone, anywhere, providing anyone with an immediate and uplifting experience of different parts of the world, including many places which they will never travel to or didn’t even know existed. Not manufactured, repackaged or glossed up, but just as they really are.
  • C4Urselves encourages everyone to appreciate the world around them by showing them how beautiful and valuable it is, and therefore feel a personal level of responsibility for looking after it through a newfound sense of attachment
  • C4Urselves allows anyone to gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for different places and cultures, by literally walking a virtual mile (or less!) in someone else’ shoes.

Our motivation is to have a positive impact on many levels: on the personal level, for the people who find real personal value in the platform and its videos; for the communities in which they live, which will benefit from greater awareness of what they have to offer; and for the wider world, which is constantly exposed to change, and none of which is immune from the risks of neglect.

C4Urselves is not just another video-sharing platform. We want to offer something unique and uniquely authentic to our users, and at the same time provide a business model for digital platforms which is far more ethical and person-centred than the prevailing advert-driven model of most major platforms.

We do this by bringing the outside world to anyone anywhere with an internet connection, and in so doing showcasing the outside world and everything it has to offer.

Last year we ran a project entitled Local Voices, aimed at empowering young people living in Kigali to tell a story about their hometown using short, immersive videos on different aspects of modern-day life, which we have captured and published on a dedicated webpage. We ran 3 virtual workshops with about 12 young people from the film school, who then went out and took videos which we watched and discussed together. Feedback was excellent. We are really hoping to run other Local Voices projects in other places and countries where there are under-served communities, but a rich social and cultural
fabric, and plenty more stories to tell.

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