Global Encryption Coalition Roundtable Discussion on Online Safety Bill.

Global Encryption Coalition member Open Rights Group has prepared an outstanding brief that explains how the OSB would impact encrypted communications, Who’s Checking On Your chats in Private Online Spaces?.

GEC strongly recommend that people read the paper: the approach the UK is taking is consistent with the approach that other countries and regional associations are taking. They impose a vague duty to detect and obscure content that is objectionable for one or for many reasons, then threaten with crushing liability the platforms that don’t do this well, including platforms that offer end-to-end encrypted services. Client-side scanning — which is inherently incompatible with end-to-end encryption — seems to be the expected method of compliance.

The lead author of the ORG briefing paper, Dr Monica Horten will lead the roundtable discussion of the UK OSB and its potential global impact on encryption. Additional lead discussant may be identified.

DNS Africa is proud to be part of this discussion. GEC members are invited.

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