YOUPAD awards Ambassador Segun H. Olugbile as ‘Pan African Technology Icon of the Year.

Youth Partnership For Africa’s Development (YOUPAD), recognise Ambassador Segun H. Olugbile, the Managing Director of Araba Technologies and one of the prized facilitator of the Nigeria School in Internet Governance (NSIG) for his contribution to Africa and was awarded the ‘Pan African Technology Icon of the Year’ award by the Youth Partnership For Africa’s Development, YOUPAD.

YOUPAD is a pan African Youth league with a core objective of building the youth in leadership and Entrepreneurship for the purpose of providing Africa with intellectually equipped youth to ensure a future Africa of our dreams achieved through an integrated, peaceful and prosperous African driven by her citizens and representing a dynamic youth force in the international arena.

The YOUPAD delegates was in the recipient office, all the way from Rwanda to present the award to Olugbile, in person. The team of delegates led by Hon. Coubally Bn Hameed, stated that Olugbile’s hard work and contribution to National Building and Development in the technology ecosystem was recognised by the league.

According to YOUPAD, this award is part of the Thomas Sankara Leadership Prize.

Amb. Olugbile in receiving the award dedicated it to God and all stakeholders seeking good governance and development through technology. Hs stated that “It is extremely amazing for me, without knowing that some groups are watching and inspired by my work in Nigeria, ECOWAS, AU, and at United Nations. All excellent glory and honour belong to the Almighty God alone in my humble adoration always.”

In a reported information, Mr Hameed eulogize Mr Olugbile for his charity to less Privileged and the downtrodden in the society as well as exemplary lifestyle which promotes the African moral values that worthy of emulation by the youth including others too numerous to be mentioned in prints.

He also revealed that some organization have bought into the idea of the association and are supporting, which includes Rwanda Chamber of Commerce and Service, Nigerian Association of Chamber of Commerce, Mines, Industry and Agriculture, International Chamber of Commerce, Ghana, South African Chamber of Commerce, among others.

“We are hoping to bring onboard similar bodies in other African countries with time”, he said.

” For the sake of our dear continent, you shouldn’t allow your high leadership providence to end at this level, you should take it to a high level politically where your good work and policy making can affect a larger number of people so when the leadership that will take over from us visits Nigeria, they will hear of your good work in higher places”, Mr Hameed requested.

DNS Africa Media and Communications recognise the Award and the Recipients. We say a big congratulations to this leader and mentor.

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