UA Day Registration Commences: SENDiWSA launches School on Universal Acceptance Training (SUAT).

SENDiWSA, an initiative of DNS Africa had a round table discussion and approved the drive to achieve the Universal Acceptance Day. It hopes that ICANN and UASG would support this innovative academic platform to ensure that the continent is thoroughly up to speed on Digital Africa. It also seeks support of more governments and business in Africa to grow the wealth of experts to maintain the growth and development in the right direction.

The School on Universal Acceptance Training (SUAT) is adopted as a Series and is perfect for people of all skill levels.

Why this series is important.

SUAT Series is being offered free of charge as a webinar, and is geared toward the following occupational categories:

• System developers

• Email system administrators

• Software and application developers

• Technical managers

• University professors and students studying computer or social sciences and business) – those interested in Internet research

• Chief technology officers

• Internet-based startups

• App developers

• Network managers

• Internet service providers

• Anyone interested in learning more about the use and acceptance of new top-level domains

Expectations from Sessions

Join us as we expose you to professionals who will provide a brief overview of the Domain Name System (DNS) and the role of ICANN. The concept of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) will be presented, as well as key economic and social factors that motivated its adoption. Then, the UA initiative will be discussed, including the importance of engagement in many levels of the Internet software community. It will conclude with an introduction of key technical aspects such as Unicode, IDNs, and EAI.

The UA Professionals will introduce Email Address Internationalization (EAI) and EAI configuration techniques in email servers. We will present current EAI support, email tools and services, as well as considerations for mailbox names using EAI. During the training, quiz questions will be offered to all participants.

A session will run a refresher on UA concepts, including fundamentals for IDNs and EAI. The core of the session will cover processing of domain names and email addresses in programming languages and frameworks, including their validation and storage.

A final session will discuss the role and activities of a UA ambassador and UA researcher. It will begin with a description of the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) and its working groups. Then, it will present examples of research projects and publications, including an analysis of the Java and Python libraries, and their levels of readiness toward UA. Practical demonstrations will also be presented.

Expectations from Sectors

For CTOs, Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Tech EnthusiastsYou will be up to speed on current expansions of the Root Zone of the Domain Name System (DNS) top-level domain names (TLDs) beyond 3 letters, and beyond the basic letters used in English.You will be prepared to be one of the leaders in supporting a diverse and multilingual Internet.You will know how new TLDs can provide new business and research opportunities.You will know how you can boost the competitiveness of your organization by making your systems compatible with the expanded TLD opportunities.You will be positioned to make not just your organization but your local economy globally competitive.
For System Developers and Web Applications ProgrammersYou will learn how to update your systems to support a diverse and multilingual Internet.You will understand how to accept, validate, process, store and display all domain names, and how to make your system UA ready.You will master the fundamentals of encoding glyphs and how to apply recommended standards in your coding.You will learn how to apply the UA Readiness Testing Framework to validate your system.You will speed up and improve the quality of your coding by using the recommended libraries presented in the training.You will analyze programming cases and examples from real life to better synthesize your learning.You will be in touch with world class experts from the Universal Acceptance community.
For Email Systems AdministratorsYou will understand the importance of Email Address Internationalization (EAI) and its categories. You will learn how to apply UTF8 support in your systems.You will master the latest Email protocol changes to support EAI.You will be equipped with the latest EAI support tools and Services for UA Readiness.You will join a selected community of experts on Email Address Internationalization
For Computer and Social Science Researchers and  AcademiciansYou will find opportunities to conduct research at a local and global level.You will learn how to apply for the UA Ambassador program.You will learn how to publish the results of your UA research and how to be supported by the [] community. 

The training series will approve the issuance of certificates based on the expected approval.

DNS Africa intends to make this series an annual training of training the trainer to ensure that Africa is not left behind on filling the knowledge base on Universal Acceptance. While we propose a Two-Day Event, contacts of Facilitators will be available to ensure growth and development in the process.

Are you qualified to participate? Register now.

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