Smart Africa: Recruitment of Project Expert in charge of Data Exchange and Interoperability.

Africa earrings at the 4th annual Summit on Community Networks in Africa at the University of Dodoma, Tanzania on 31 October 2019.

Smart Africa developed the digital ID blueprint as well as a continental trust concept for trusted data sharing – named the Smart Africa Trust Alliance (SATA) – to establish institutional ownership and accountability combined with a data exchange trust framework based on standards and trust assurance mechanisms to facilitate cross-border interactions.

SATA will ensure the interoperability of national data registries and systems following a set of mutually agreed data sharing rules and technical standards by African states to enable cross-border services in various sectors such as health

The Smart Africa Secretariat would like to recruit a Project Expert (PE) in charge of Data Exchange and Interoperability with responsibility for technical implementation management of various strategic projects, in close consultation with stakeholders and partners.

The PE must demonstrate hands-on experience with data exchange technologies and information systems interoperability.

The PE will provide required technical leadership and administrative support to coordinate and implement project activities across Smart Africa Member States while ensuring effective linkages to the Smart Africa core objectives and activities.

For more details, visit the official website of SMART Africa.

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