At DNS Africa, all hands are on deck towards the epic release of the Media Toolkit on Encryption. We strongly believe that Africa will set a standard in the shortest possible future in making the right decision towards security of data online.

Encryption, when executed properly is a fundamental part of how we will remain safe, online and offline. The opportunities to communicate seamless would bridge confidence that no-one is listening in or can tamper with messages, either yours or mine. 

Despite attacks on end -to-end encryption (E2EE), the fourth realm is been prepared to educate and encourage government across the world, especially across Africa, to better understand and legislate to Stand Up for Encryption. Governments must understand that the digital safety of the average citizen is important. Government or its agencies across the globe should not be allowed to see End-to-end encryption (E2E) as obstructing law enforcement activities.

On Global Encryption Day, DNS Africa Resource Center will join millions of internet users defend and protect end-to-end encryption. No shortcut’s.

Thus, we call on you to take action. Participate in the Who’s Listening ?

Have you registered for our Virtual Webinar ? Just take some seconds to register here.

We should prepare to encrypt everything…stand up for encryption!

DNS Africa Online…within and beyond, online.

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