The Internet Society Community Week 2022 starts today.

The theme-park inspired virtual conference 2022 Edition started today. There were live sessions to attend, exhibition booths to visit, lounges filled with members interacting with each other, from different parts of the Internet Society community. Internet Heroes took center stage, as we kicked off the opening session.

In 2021. the question was “what better way to address today’s Internet challenges than to bring the whole Internet Society community together?”. And why not make it productive and fun, with a virtual theme park of innovations and solutions? There was something for every time zone, as the organizers were operating on rotation, so you did not have to miss a thing!

Internet Society members—individuals, organizations, chapters, special interest groups, and standing groups—all celebrated collective works to build and protect the Internet. 

Members were able to navigate the WebSpace from the Main Stage to the People Section, to where you could have found details for each day. You could visit the various attractions around the theme park including stations that included live sessions, community lounges for networking and getting to know the various parts of the Internet Society community, exhibition booths ran by community members, and much more.

From grassroots initiatives to groundbreaking change, Community Week highlighted the importance of addressing key Internet challenges. It was a chance for members to learn about the important achievements of their like-minded companions all over the world—while sharing their own stories and perspectives on how to make the Internet better and safer for all.

The event also marks the Internet Society’s 30th anniversary, an occasion to consider how we can ensure our great work continues and that the Internet is even more reliable, more resilient, and reaches more places 30 years from now.

Apart from the Zoom Party, it was indeed a moment to help build a bigger, stronger Internet.

Internet Heroes as Internet Society commence its Community Week 2022.

Watch out for more.

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