The Media world and the imaginative mind walk the world, hand in hand. Our intent and capital investment for kicking ourselves to live, after many failed partnership and disappointment is a blockbuster movie, anyday.

We know we work in the deceptive world, but we should never be surprised that the ICT Ecosystem is tuned to fail many times with little success to keep the progressive mind in check. With that at the back of our mind, we are forced to rethink our every action in the Media Industry.

So, we woke up to discover we got hacked. It was long overdue. It may continue. They are the money bags who seat in the sacred places without brains. Yes, no brains.

So, our minds will develop projects that we will execute. At the right time, the right people in office and power will the right thing.

Adebunmi Adeola Akinbo

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