DNS Africa CEO Selected for Prestigious ICANN Fellowship Program Return: A Win for African Internet EcoSystem.

The internet governance landscape in Africa received a boost with the recent re-selection of Dr. Adebunmi Adeola Akinbo as a participant in the upcoming ICANN80 Fellowship Program. This prestigious program, organized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), empowers individuals from developing economies to actively engage in global internet governance discussions.

Dr. Adebunmi Adeola Akinbo’s selection hopes to highlight the growing impact of the the Paul Muchene Engagement Series in Africa (PAMESA) initiative. Established in 2023, PAMESA aims to strengthen African technical empowerment and participation in the internet ecosystem by building local capacity and expertise across Africa and beyond.

DNS Africa CEO’s Participation: A Catalyst for Change.

Akinbo A. A. Cornerstone’s participation in the ICANN80 Fellowship Program is a significant development for several reasons:

  • Increased African Representation: Their presence at the table will ensure African voices are heard in critical discussions shaping the future of the internet.
  • Policy Advocacy: The program equips participants with the knowledge and tools to advocate for policies that promote internet access, security, and stability in Africa. A lot is going on with Coalition for Africa by ICANN.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Upon returning, Adebunmi Akinbo can share learnings and experiences with stakeholders across the continent, fostering a more informed and engaged African Internet community.

PAMESA’s Enduring Legacy

The selection of Adebunmi Adeola Akinbo is a testament to the success of DNS Africa capacity-building efforts, with its many initiatives, such as PAMESA. The initiative has played a crucial role in:

  • Developing a Skilled Workforce: By providing training and mentorship programs using ICANN Learn, PAMESA is nurturing a generation of African internet governance experts.
  • Enhancing Policy Development: PAMESA fosters collaboration among African stakeholders, leading to the development of informed and regionally relevant internet governance policies to enhance technical capacity.
  • Promoting Multi-stakeholder Engagement: PAMESA encourages active participation from governments, civil society, businesses, and technical communities in shaping the digital future of Africa.
  • Gain Invaluable Knowledge: The program offers a unique chance to learn from ICANN experts about critical internet governance issues, policy development processes, and technical operations.
  • Contribute African Perspectives: [He/She] will bring a unique African perspective to the discussions, ensuring that the specific needs and challenges of the continent are well-represented at the global level.
  • Champion African Leadership: Their participation paves the way for more African leaders to actively engage in shaping the future of the internet and a role in the future ICANN…One World, One Internet.

Looking Ahead: A Brighter Digital Future for Africa

Adebunmi Akinbo’s selection for the ICANN80 Fellowship Program serves as a beacon of hope for a more inclusive and Africa-centric internet governance landscape, amongst other engagements. With continued efforts from organizations like PAMESA, Africa can play a leading role in shaping the future of the internet, ensuring a digital future that is secure, accessible, and beneficial for all.

The impact of this selection extends beyond individual recognition. It signifies a growing role for African leaders in shaping the global internet governance landscape. Through continued collaboration and capacity building initiatives, Africa can ensure its voice is heard and its interests are represented in the ongoing development of the internet.

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