About Global Digital Inclusion Partnership

The Global Digital Inclusion Partnership is a coalition of public, private, and civil society organizations working to bring internet connectivity to the global majority and ensure everyone is meaningfully connected by 2030. GDIP advances digital opportunities to empower and support people’s lives and agency, leading to inclusive digital societies.

GDIP is laser-focused on ensuring that meaningful access is a reality for the global majority, especially focusing on women and girls, and rural and marginalized population groups. By rallying different stakeholders from across the globe to bring the meaningful access agenda to the forefront of digital inclusion dialogues and policy-making processes, we aim to fast-track this goal.

GDIP seeks actions needed to ensure digital opportunity is, in fact, empowering and supporting people’s lives and agency rather than contributing to further increased inequality and exclusion.

GDIP has three ways of working with policymakers and other stakeholders to achieve digital inclusion:

• Global, regional, and national policy actions supported by a unique multi-stakeholder decision process

• Solid research and analysis providing the needed evidence to support policy change at all levels

• Advisory and technical assistance partnerships which advance meaningful connectivity for the global majority

Working together with our long-standing partners and stakeholders from across the globe, GDIP is advancing universal, meaningful access to secure digital inclusion by 2030.

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