EyHost Limited, a rapidly expanding web hosting company based in Bangladesh, recently held a successful client meetup with its African regional clients and partners. This milestone event signifies EyHost’s substantial progress in engaging directly with its African customer base, gathering valuable feedback, and reinforcing its commitment to regional growth.

The prestigious Treasures of Ikoro in Kigali hosted over 25 distinguished guests, including prominent figures from the global internet and technology sectors. Their attendance underscored the significance of EyHost’s expansion efforts and its dedication to enhancing services on a global scale.

Imran Hossen, Managing Director of EyHost Ltd., inaugurated the event with a welcome address. He highlighted the company’s journey since its establishment in 2011 and its unwavering commitment to offering premium web hosting solutions worldwide. He also expressed deep gratitude for the continuous support from clients and partners, which has been significant in EyHost’s international growth. Attendees participated in open discussions, shared insights, and provided constructive feedback, which EyHost intends to use to further refine its services.

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A notable highlight of the meetup was the signing of an agreement between EyHost Ltd. and Savannah Software Solutions from Kenya. This partnership aims to enhance their service offerings in the African market.

“We are thrilled with the success of our first client meetup in Africa. Meeting our clients face-to-face was a wonderful opportunity to better understand their needs and discuss ways to improve our services. This event represents a significant step in our journey towards global growth and we are excited about the future prospects in the African market.”

Imran Hossen

The event concluded with a networking session, fostering connections and strengthening relationships among attendees. As EyHost Ltd. continues to expand its global footprint, this successful event in Kigali underscores its dedication to connecting with customers worldwide and delivering exceptional web hosting solutions tailored to their needs.

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